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Kaspressknödel (flattened cheese-knödel)

Another lovely recipe to get rid of your stale bread. Everyone has her own recipe, I give you ours. A delight!

4 portions

400 g stale bread in little cubes
1 big onion
250 g Emmental cheese (or another spicy cheese
Ca. ¼ l milk
2 eggs
1 l strong meat or vegetable broth

Pour the warm milk over the bread. Finely chop the onion and fry in a little butter.
Put the grated cheese and the onion in with the bread and season with salt. Pour the eggs in and knead, if needed with some flour, to a „knödeldough“. Make 8 balls out of the dough.
Flatten the balls en fry in ca. 50 g butter until golden brown and warm.
Take the knödel from the pan, sprinkle some flour over the remaining fat und pour in the cold broth. Stirr well!
Season to taste with salt and pepper and bring to a boil.
Put 2 knödel on a plate, pour the sauce on the knödel and serve.

Costs: ca. € 0,99 per portion

Nutritional value (approximately, calculated with an online calculation chart)
Kcal/KJ: 679/2844
Protein (gr): 26
Fat (gr): 36
Carbohydrates (gr): 60
sugar (gr): 8
Fibers (gr): 4

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Veggie Omelet

Wenn there are just a few pieces of vegetables left, I don´t want to spend too much time in the kitchen or not want to eat bread at noon, I love to make a veggie omelet. Tasty and healthy!

1 portion

2 large eggs
80 g carrots
1 spring onion
50 g yellow bell pepper
50 g green bell pepper
1 tiny garlic clove
1 tsp provencal herbs
Salt and pepper
Butter or olive oil
100 g cucumber

Slice carrots and spring onion fine, cut bell peppers into small cubes and chop the garlic.
Put butter or oil in a skillet and fry softly until almost done. Now put the bell peppers and garlic in the pan and bake for another 2 minutes.
Mix the eggs with the herbs and season to taste. Put the mixture in with the vegetables and bake on middle heat till the omelet is done.
Cut the cucumber, put on a plate with the omelet.

You can eat this dish as is, or with a large salad, bread, rice or baked patatoes.

Costs: € 1,50 per portion

Nutritional value (approximately, calculated with an online calculation chart)
Kcal/KJ: 388/1625
Protein (gr): 16
Fat (gr): 27
Carbohydrates (gr): 14
sugar (gr): 11
Fibers (gr): 7

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Warm custard

A recipe everyone should know, lovely on a cold day or when your not feeling too happy. Real comfortfood!

4 portions

1 liter whole milk
2 eggs
1 small package vanillasugar (9 g)
80 g sugar
45 g cornstarch

Preparation (ca. 15 minutes):
Put the vanillasugar, sugar and cornstarch in a 2 liter cookingpan, then stirr in the eggs.
Continu to stirr and gradually pour in all the milk.
Put the pan on the cooker on full heat and whisking constantly until the milk boils.
Turn down the heat to low and keep stirring until the custard is nice and thick.
Spoon the custard into bowls and serve hot! Serve with some grated chocolate and a strawberry to make it look even better.

Would there be any custard left, put it in a glas bowl, close tight. This can be kept for a maximum of 7 days in the fridge.

Costs: ca. € 0,50 per portion

Nutritional value (approximately, calculated with an online calculation chart)
Kcal/KJ: 328/1376
Protein (gr): 11
Fat (gr): 12
Carbohydrates (gr): 44
sugar (gr): 35
Fibers (gr): 0