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What is the benefit of self-catering?

With all the possibilities for eating out, pre-cooked meals from the supermarket and food-delivery services, you may ask yourself what the benefit of self-catering is.
I don´t think I need to tell you about the financial aspects: it is only completely logical that you, when you need to pay part of the salary of the person cooking for you, pay more than when you do the cooking yourself.
Personally I see a lot of other benefits when I am doing the cooking myself:
1. You know exactly what´s in your food, so you can leave out the ingredients you don´t like or to which you are allergic!
2. Cutting the ingredients yourself can have a calming effect. When you see it as an exercise in being mindfull en you concentrate yourself completely on the cutting you are getting the benefits for free. You don´t really need to go to the “mindfull” course anymore 🙂
3. While cooking, your house is filled with lovely cookings smells, so you don´t need to use the chemical stuff to make sure your house has a wonderfull smell. And when the cooking scents aren´t to your liking, you open the windows afterwards and let in the fresh air. But to my opinion most cooking smells are delightfull!
4. Most restaurants are putting just a few dishes on the menu (that´s just normal, otherwise it running a restaurant isn´t economically feasible) and at home you can make dishes that aren´t to be found on any menu, like the kale casserole with peanut butter.
5. Maybe the most important benefit, at least according to myself, is that when you are cooking for yourself or for a group, the satisfaction you get from making something delicious with your own hands that everybody loved. I know that is not always the case, but most of the time it is and I just love it when my dining companion and myself have enjoyed dinner a lot.

Cooking does ask for some skills from the cook and not everybody posesses those, therefore I show you on this site, that there are enough recipes that are so easy to cook, that almost anyone can do it. Our family loves to eat and eat tasty, so don´t be afraid to try some of the recipes yourself.

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