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Spicy mackerel with soybean sprouts, cucumber and corn

2 portions

250 gr mackerel in oil
1 onion
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp sambal oelek (chili paste)
½ tsp galangal
1 tsp grounded ginger
4 gr sugar
½ tbsp vinegar
3 tbsp sweet soysauce
½ cucumber
350 gr corn
100 gr soybean sprouts
50 ml water

Peel and chop up the onion. Let mackerel drain well in a sieve. Put oil in a skillet and fry softly for about 3 minutes. Add mackarel, sambal, galangal, ginger, sugar, vinegar, soysauce and 50 ml water. Simmer gently while stirring. Put the corn in a small pot and let simmer until warm.
Clean the soysprouts and drain well. Wash the cucumber and cut into small strips. Mix in the soysprouts with the mackerel and simmer for about 3 minutes. Drain the corn and put it on the plates. Put the mackerel and cucumber on the plates also.
Serve with prawn chips.

Costs: € 1,92 per portion

Nutritional value (approximately, calculated with an online calculation chart)
Kcal/KJ: 428/1791
Protein (gr): 29
Fat (gr): 15
Carbohydrates (gr): 42
sugar (gr): 14
Fibers (gr): 7

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